Saturday, 11 September 2010

TOP x Alfred blue and Bigbang Eversense Fan Party Thailand

Christian Louboutin Mens Spring-Summer 2010 Footwear Collection
 Alfred blue (approx. $960)


090910 Top at Eversence Bigbang fan party in Thailand. Well,this is a 3rd pairs from this collection. (see 1,2 )


----------  ----    --------------- ----- -----------------

Ps. Top is so cute and super handsome than the picture, he's so shine and i couldn't took he out off my eyes sight at the moments even people around me shaking and scremming but it seems liked i didn't care much and i didn't listen any songs from Bigbang also, i couldn't remember what a song that em' sang, all of that bcoz' i only stared at Top :)  For the 1st time that i met BB that wasn't closely at all but in this time's so close. lol

Adding about GD,he is totally dam' bright ,cute,so skinny and his face is tiny than i thought. From now on i knew the reson why GD got lots of fans,before that i don't think that he's so cute and good-looking likes this.(so sorry for GD's bias) Anyways, Daesong and Seungri are just likes a picture but Daesong got a nice body. Taeyang is bright than a picture i think.

 These are from my cellphone and its not clear..

Interviews blah blah ~ ~

They are watching a cover dance by Bigbang songs. And i had an opportunity to look at him such a long times. ^ ^

Some of VDO  Performing

The rest of VDO and pictures that i had are worst than these. T_T

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