Saturday, 20 November 2010

TOP x Instantogy "customized suits"

 [101007] Top was spotted at PIFF-APAN 2010. 
"Two button grey tweed suit jacket"

------ -- ------ -- -----

[06/2010] Top was in Japan for promoting 'Iris' Drama

Black wool tuxedo with wide lapel (wrap button)
Top used to wear this for many many times. And i like this one also, nice cutting.

Light blue double breasted plain wool suit (6 wrap button, wide picked lapel)

Customized suits for 'Tell Me Goodbye' MV

-------- ------- ------- ----------

Top from 'ARENA' KOREA July issue
Faded red one button suit with narrow lapel

----------- --------- ------------ 

         Top for 'Tell Me Goodbye' promoted picture.  "Stand collar jacket 5 button" 


[100530] Bigbang on MTV Japan Award 2010
Bigbang's Jakets are from Instantogy's cutting.

White and khaki heavy oxford jackets 

---------------------- -----------------------

About the Instantogy is the cutting for customize suits, but they also have their owned collections.


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Ps. sorry for no update such a long-times, I'm kind of busy and lazy with my new semester... also my notebook got a problem, i really upset when i'm on an internet. - -"

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