Friday, 27 May 2011

TOP x CHANEL Men's Sneakers SS 2011

[110525] Top rocking a sneaker at DanKook University Festival
 CHANEL Men Sneakers Spring 2011 
(Available at Jeffrey NY)  -luxuryobsessed-

Running Shoe Canvas and suede calfskin 
Running shoe with CHANEL

Ps. No doubt !! why he wores a sneaker to performing. It was a very casual night by his outfit. I love how matching with his shade and coat. Seungri better watch his move now he wasn't wears suit or leather shoe. (he wants to look good than Top coz' he never won GD but still.. ) I think little SR should find some Image Personnel consultant even he's a owner of the academy, he still doesn't go to his own way, the best way to be the winner in this case is just float to your own style. I do understand that he is a youngest and needs some model to follow, but he is an icon/idol now,it would be bettle if he gots his own style soon instead of being a copycat with Jiyong or Top. I'm not mean but I'm a straightforward person, so sorry I really can't help myself.

Thanks to UTOPIA always came out with the high quality of Top's photos.
If you wonder his coat is here.


  1. i totally agree with what you said. well-said!xD

  2. Ah`` I'm glad that you weren't hate my view or me.^^ someone might wanna kill me.. just kidding anyways.