Sunday, 5 December 2010

TOP x Cazal 607 HipHop Eyeglasses

 101204 Top was spotted at YG Family Concert 2010


Cazal 607 Eyeglasses Color Clear 
Cazal 607

Initially produced in 1982, the Cazal 607 glasses soon became an integral part of the US HipHop-scene. The US HipHop Band Run DMC made the 607 so famous, that the Cazal company, 25 years after its first release, decided to reissue the 607 model. The 607-reproductions (made in Germany) have by now almost attained the same cult-status as the 607 originals (made in W.Germany) from the 80’s.

Ps.I'm so glad that Top's dress up with Hiphop styles, because my favorite kinds of music is Hiphop. And i'm not so sure about his eyeglasses it's black/gold and the online sites available only this one.

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