Saturday, 4 December 2010

TopG x John Galliano Party

101204 TOP and G-Dragon appeared on John Galliano Party  

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike

For G-Dragon's outfit it from John Galliano, you can see a big capital G on his cardigan and his jeans it might be from Galliano also. He is such a nice guy, went to the event with their stuff as the same with Chanel Party. Everything looks great but his hairstyles...

Meanwhile, Mr.T.o.P A stubbornest guy,he nevers listen to the others. People said left then he turns right, haha I say so because, he nevers worn the outfit to match the events/others, likes he says "I want to be a moster". Which is means "Monster never took the order" Please just leave me alone". But i'm not saying that it wasn't good, he's just different and got own his ways. I'm just joking around anyways.
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Here is up coming "Christian Louboutin spring/summer 2011 collection"

Alfred flat in calf woodstock in black-grey with grey gros grain triming, 
Bottom: Pik Boat flat in black calf

Alfred flat in panama beige with black gros grain triming, 
Bottom: Alfred flat in panama navy with white gros grain triming

Rollerball Spikes in Jean Blue Denim, 
Bottom: Superball Trainers in omicron blue fabric with red patent leather trimming and silver-white stars

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Ps. What do you think? Dose he going to have one?

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