Wednesday, 5 January 2011

TopG x KNOCKOUT Music Video's Stuff

Top with his favorite playmate

Original Fake 4 Feet Black Dissected Companion

Original Fake 4 Feet Black Dissected Companion was released  on in Jan 8, 2010 The numbers on this piece are very limited, and this is the last 4 Feet Companion of the serie. -highsnobiety-

Mona Lisa Marge Simpson by Nick Walker
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 Top's sitting on MCM leather chair while reading "Mama Makes Up Her Mind" book and stroking MCM Doberman dog also wearing MCM Jackets by Craig Redman rocking Louis leopard stud sneakers.

 Lots of MCM here, it could be customize products or available on somewhere.

Craig Redman for MCM Shanghai Collection

MCM Leather Dog

  “Louis” Leopard Stud Sneakers 
 Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2010 

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GD and TOP, who have been making headlines with their own unit album and High High promotions, have begun selling their own modified version of the stylish and popular "Beats" headphones by Dr. Dre, called "GTOP." on YGeShop.
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Those are sold out already!!! on

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