Saturday, 30 April 2011

SeungRi x Dior Homme Black Tie 90 Sunglasses

[110131] Seungri at SBS Powertime Radio

Dior Homme Black Tie 90 LA8/5M sunglasses
$247.00  -select2gether-

Ps. To a person who asked me to looking for Taeyang's shades, I have to say that I couldn't and I've been searched this for several days. I never found his eyewears before and I never tried to find it too, I really have no idea what's the brand that he likes. Well.. I'm so sorry that i am disappointed you and others as well.
I'm kind a person who always give a opposite things to others, they says left I go right , they wants this I give that. haha It seems like i'm so stubborn to annoy people around me, it's fun for me just sometimes. If people don't ask then I do, It has been like this since I was young and always. Somehow, I don't know why it's already became my habitual now. - -" But it is nothing to do with this blog actually, don't worry.

So, have anybody here know about this shades?


  1. Can you look up the colorful pants top used to wear at the airport back when they used to go to japan alot please and thank you.

  2. Im not sure if it's the same.
    But im totally sure about his shades brand in the TONIGHT MV.

    He was wearing AM sunglasses "KARMI"

    U can get them here

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  3. I don't think that his wearing the AM eyewear...the Kami lens is squared off and the one taeyangs wearing is curvey.
    I purchased a pair that looks like it on ebay...its from korea...

    what do you think?

  4. Btw the ebay store that i got the black ones are running out of stock.

  5. The brand of taeyang sunglasses is KSUBI and the model is ARA (Big Bang have been wearing this brand for many years now.
    Btw the sunglasses on your ebay link is only replica, real model cost more than 200USD

  6. forgot to post the link,
    It's in korean or japanese don't know. But i think the models that taeyang is wearing during sbs hereos or recently are discontinued because they are from previous collections.
    Hope that it answers to the person who asked it, and I saw many persons on soompi and youtube who asked about this sunglasses...

  7. yep you got it right!
    but sold out everywhere.