Monday, 11 April 2011

Top n' Daesung x Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011

110402 Big Bang Special Edition Album Photo

Oxford Button Down Shirt by Thom Browne

Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011
Single Breasted Light grey wool blazer  

Ps. The rest of them are wearing this designer on Come To Play

Talking about Daesung on CTP anyways, the price is very unreasonable to buy it for personal outfit, unless he got it from the custom budget. But most of the outfit when they're promoting the songs on the stage those outfits are from their stylist has custom-made, that why some of it looks weird for me. I really don't understand why most of the Korean bands always wear the strange custom-made, and this could be lead to misunderstanding from foreigner an opinions ex. "Are they gay?" I've seen it lots in comment on youtube. The outfit can gain more attentions from the audience, this is what the Music industry do nowadays and think that they can hit the goal but not from the song by itself.  

Well, for something new it's doesn't mean something weird, but I do understand one thing: whatever it takes to get a big shots for "Moment 4 life" (song from Nicki I lov it), wouldn't you do that? 

Get back to Daesung, I think he would love to spend the money for cosmetic rather than clothing unlike Top, (shopaholic is the women activity) but somehow he has a princess room.
Baby don't cry is a very nice song, his voices so wonderful. I thought that the two newest songs aren't G-Dragon ft. Bigbang but still, poor Seungri even I used to hate him sometimes but now.. I feel bad with this and I have a positive thinking to him more than before lately. This kind of thing that we have to get the point that GD is the producer, song-writer and leader at the same time and he has many responsibilities to dealing with, so he's always outstanding than others. It's a usual thing that people tease someone that have no ability to handle it. This called "Pain behind the frame"

To make thing going well,may I suggest GD give the whole vocal lines to Daesung, he's a rapper right? not a main vocal.. haha  just saying that non-take it,ok?

If you're reading up to this line now and you can't approve my view all of the matter, please kindly to take my apology. My feelings are too much for the entry.


  1. Hey doll, I love the work you do on this blog. Keep it up! Wanted to also give you a heads up on some of their recent wear.

    TOP is wearing the BLACK COMME des GARCONS x Medicom Be@rbrick bracelet during the Love Song perf on Inkigayo; and GD wore the BLACK COMME des GARCONS x Medicom Be@rbrick necklace during his recent Gmarket Photoshoot interview.

    GD was also wearing the Ambush “Skull AMB Bones” EYE GOT BALLZ ring for the male version Bean Pole CF.

  2. Thank for your kindness ^^

    Acually,I've been saved that bracelet for long long times ago but I'm totally forgot it.

    and about GD's stuff. there've been update it already on others site so i'm not update it. - -"

    but I going to update Top,
    Thx again xoxo